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Our dream began many years ago as we would cook together in our small little kitchen in Rathdrum, Idaho.  As mother and daughter, we developed a mutual passion for creating dishes that inspired so many of our own best memories. Cajun cuisine was introduced to us thru magical trips to Louisiana and thru the teachings of our dear friend Casey Johnson- a true Cajun chef.  We grew to appreciate the power of the dining experience when shared with people you love and we knew that our food was becoming the catalyst to all these unforgettable memories.  As TJ was still a small girl we created journals and notebooks of ideas and recipes that only grew to become what we now seek to make a reality.  The Ten/6 experience.  So much thought went into the name of our brand and style as we were convicted to have loved ones understand our passion- it’s like a wonderland of thoughts and ideas.  Everyone has the opportunity to create their own wonderland and transport themselves to a place they don’t get to be at all the time.  We want to help others feel like they are transported to a different place, right here in North Idaho.  “CREATE YOUR OWN WONDERLAND”.  We truly hope our food, atmosphere and customer service will help others create that place for themselves and their family.


726 N 4th st
Coeur d' Alene, ID 83814

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We do take reservations for parties of 7-15 guests for our Mad Tea Party Room. We are on a first come basis in our main dining room. If you would like to make a reservation you may contact us:

Email- ten6cda@gmail.com

Phone- (208)930-0905

We would love to host any of your after hour events! For inquiries email us at ten6cda@gmail.com.

Credit cards and cash we gladly accept
 Gift cards available

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